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At InnerLandscapes we design retreats and workshops for wellbeing and personal development. It may be that you’d like to be clearer about where you are going in life, to clarify your purpose and find direction, to take some time out to de-stress, or to help you adapt to change. Our facilitated events provide a new and refreshing way to restore your energies and stimulate your ideas.

We do this using the landscape of nature, in settings that provide inspiration, beauty and peace, and mirror the natural rhythms that have provided spiritual nourishment for people down the ages.

Each of us is on our own unique journey through life, and we all experience our particular challenges. Quite apart from major events like birth, death, marriage, divorce, or a change in career or lifestyle, the stuff of daily life takes its toll as well.

Busy people often say they ‘don’t have time’. At InnerLandscapes we’ve shown that a little time taken at the right time is uplifting and inspiring.

When we face uncertainty or doubt about the direction our lives are taking we naturally crave an opportunity to withdraw. We need to access our own inner landscape of thoughts, feelings and needs. This allows us to reconnect with our rhythms and aspirations, and so to engage more purposefully with life. Join us for a one- or two-day event in the relaxing and inspiring setting of the Cuckmere Valley in East Sussex. Share the relaxation, enjoyment and self-discovery, and return to daily life renewed and refreshed.

“If we can fashion images of what we fear, desire, need, hunger for, aspire to, then that form will define the inner landscape and be made objective, so that we can visit it time and again, and begin to meditate upon those images, and in this way grow.”

James Roose-Evans