Find Your Bearings; Reorient Your Life

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Date: May 31, 2013
Venue: Deans Place Hotel
Seaford Road, Alfriston, East Sussex, BN26 5TW, United Kingdom
Price £90.00

A one-day reflective pause
Pause and reorient your life, or simply find respite from a demands of work and life. This event provides the space and stimulus to help you develop a clearer sense of personal direction in life. It also provides skills and tools for managing yourself, developing your thinking and enhancing personal resilience.

Perhaps you have a new project you’d like to think through or you simply feel that the time is ripe for reassessment of hopes and plans that have brought you this far on your journey. Or, you are finding that your proven talents, skills and abilities are not bringing satisfaction and fulfilment in the way you’d like.

This reflective break is designed as a space to do that appraisal and assessment for which many of us feel the need, particularly following a period of intense activity or demand that has caused us to overlook our own development, desires or wishes.Understanding the stage of life one is at, and reviewing the chronology of personal development, provide an opportunity for deeper prompting of the spirit. The aim is to reconnect guiding values and life ethos – just two of the compass points we steer by – and to reembark more purposefully on our journey.There will be some preparation before the workshop, we’ll guide you on this, and you’ll learn to consult the ‘four points of purpose’ to help you live in a more congruent and fulfilling way.

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Take time out for yourself and enjoy a break

Learn about ‘four points of purpose’ to help you live in a more purposeful way

Reconnect with nature and your environment

Try new techniques to de-stress and re-focus

Enjoy the natural calm ambience of the Cuckmere Valley

Reconnect with your guiding values and life ethos

Take the first steps towards greater motivation

Benefit from an opportunity to refresh and revitalise yourself.

What you’ll get

  • A day in the luxurious 3 star venue
  • Tips and ideas on how to develop personal creativity
  • A structured environment with plenty of discussion
  • ‘Green’ exercises you can use in your life and work
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Practical exercises to clarify thinking
  • Developmental walks in a peaceful and inspirational setting
  • A rare opportunity to reflect on your life
  • Comprehensive practice notes with reading list
  • Social interaction with the group
  • A validated attendance certificate.


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Find Your Bearings; Reorient Your Life
May 31, 2013
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Inner Landscapes
01323 895 220
March 13, 2013
Deans Place Hotel
Seaford Road, Alfriston, East Sussex, BN26 5TW, United Kingdom